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Ants in the picnic basket?

Coming just hours after the President "adamantly" denies harassing
Paula Jones, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned that NEWSWEEK ace
investigative reporter Michael Isikoff is hot on the trail of a new
development that threatens to ignite premature holiday fireworks at
the White House. Reports have surfaced that Isikoff has been in
contact with a former White House staffer who may offer "pattern"
evidence of improper sexual conduct on the part of the President.

At this hour it is unclear whether Isikoff will pull the pieces of
this explosive story together before deadline.

Other reporters may also be on the trail of this new development.

The story is said to involve a federal employee sexually propositioned
by the President on federal property.

If true, the new account would be markedly different from the Jones'
scenario, which involved pre-presidential actions long ago and far

Under the new media-management team of Begala and Blumenthal [B2], the
White House filed its first formal denial of Jones' allegations late
on the eve of the holiday weekend -- just as Washington was clearing
out, herding to beaches, and packing picnic baskets.

And too late for the network broadcasts.

But in the new era of non-stop news cycles, the old tricks did not
fly. Traffic stopped on I-95 as the APUPIREUTERS broke the first word
of the Clinton denial at 6:18 p.m. ET, designed for minimum impact --
and weeks before the court answers were actually due. But true to the
Age, word quickly spread on the Internet, talk radio and cable,
proving that no longer are there any safe times to release damaging

Filed in Washington
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
P.O. BOX 1171, Hollywood, CA 90028
(c)DRUDGE REPORT 1997, All rights reserved

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