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Is it Cuomo's turn?

A strong source near an aging Supreme Court justice tells the DRUDGE REPORT
that a seat on the high court could soon be vacated. For "health reasons,"
the confidant explains, "it is becoming clear that the correct course of
action would be to step down." The source refused to reveal a specific
timetable and demanded the name of the judge be held until there is further

Speculation on a court replacement has already started inside of the White
House. "Clearly the president will be under pressure to name [former New
York Gov. Mario] Cuomo," hinted one White House adviser in an e-mail over
the weekend. [Don't even try, Lindsey. They're using AOL accounts.] When
pressed about any known timetable of a vacancy, the adviser clammed.

"They're always dreaming about names for Supreme Court seats," laughs one
White House reporter. "We've been working on the assumption that Clinton
would get two or three vacancies during his second term. But there hasn't
been any solid evidence that any of them are budging anytime soon!"

* * * *


It certainly didn't take long for the main media's honeymoon with this
report to sour. All the love that ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, NEWSWEEK,
WASHINGTON POST, PEOPLE and others made over the past month has quickly
turned, right on schedule. TIME magazine [June 16, 1997] calls it the
"reckless king of new junk media" in a 550-word go-get-him. "Drudge is a
thief! Drudge doesn't play by the rules! ... one press of a key and--

* * * *



HOLLYWOOD -- The new UNIVERSAL film THE JACKAL received a test run in
Woodland Hills, California recently before a rowdy crowd that laughed and
cheered during all of the wrong places.

The film follows a Russian mafia boss seeking revenge on the U.S. for the
killing of one of his men. He hires "The Jackal" [Bruce Willis] to
assassinate the director of the FBI. An IRA agent jailed in the U.S.
[Richard Gere] is recruited to stop "Jackal."

An update of the 1973 classic film DAY OF THE JACKAL. Update... 1997.

What had the crowd barking is revealed here for the first time: Willis
locking lips in a sensual kiss with a man in a gay bar. Scenes later, in
the man's apartment, Willis proceeds to brutally murder him in a shock
scene that had many in the audience cheering and applauding.

"I couldn't believe how the crowd was getting off on the brutal murder of
the gay character," reports one who attended the screening. "One moment
Willis is sitting there eating in the guy's apartment acting like he's
about to seduce the guy -- suddenly he turns violent and murders him. He
was just looking for a place to hide... he tricks the guy into thinking
that he's gay only to get into his apartment."

A spokesman for UNIVERSAL refused comment on the film. A rep at the Gay &
Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation [GLAAD] promises to hackle JACKAL if
the scenes stay in: "We expect this from Mel Gibson, but now Bruce Willis

* * * *


Old School comic and TV host Steve Allen describes modern TV as "vulgarians
entertaining barbarians," reports Tuesday's HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Allen,
veteran of the TONIGHT SHOW, delivering the keynote speech at the Banff TV
Festival in Canada, blasted U.S. network executives as merchants of "filth"
helping to push American culture and society "down a moral sewer." The
increasing prevalence of sex and sleaze depicted on television, in tabloid
shows and local newscasts "distorts the ethical perceptions of our
children," Allen demanded. He also ripped the obsession TV executives have
with ratings: "We may paraphrase the ancient moral admonition about money
to read: love of ratings is the root of all evil."

* * * *


Secretary of State Madeleine Albright takes to the op-ed page of the
WASHINGTON POST on Tuesday to push for "frank dialogue" while we continue
to trade with China instead of, as she puts it, "suspending trade relations
until human rights, market access, military exports and other matters
change" -- action some pesky Hill forces are now demanding.

Could Albright's "frank dialogue" on "other matters" concern China's new
strategic missile, known as the Dong Feng-31? A missile that is currently
being developed with a range of about 4,960 miles, sufficient to hit
targets along the entire West Coast of the United States and in several
northern Rocky Mountain states?

Are they building while we're talking and trading and toasting?

A Bill Gertz WASHINGTON TIMES blockbuster that seemed to quickly vanish
after it ran on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend haunts.

Quoting from a classified Air Force report, Gertz: "China will soon deploy
a new mobile strategic missile, with multiple warheads, that poses a
significant threat to U.S. forces in the Pacific and parts of the
continental United States.

"The DF-31 ICBM will give China a major strike capability that will be
difficult to counterattack at any stage of its operation, from pre-flight
mobile operations through terminal flight phases... The report, produced
last fall by the National Air Intelligence Agency, is labeled 'secret.' A
copy was made available to THE TIMES.

"The DF-31 missile program is in the late stage of development, after
delays. The new missile is expected to be deployed [around] the turn of the
century... The missile was observed on a launch pad at the Wuzhai Missile
and Space Test Center in mid-October, and a flight test is expected soon,
based on the recent completion of silo construction at Wuzhai."

NEW YORK TIMES hotshot Jeff Gerth -- Gerth, not Gertz -- on Tuesday also
intrigues. He reports: "Since... 1995, China has gone on a shopping
spree, buying 46 American-made supercomputers and many more that are nearly
as powerful, according to government officials. The newly acquired
computers could be used by the Chinese to design more efficient or lighter
nuclear warheads that could be put on missiles capable of reaching the
United States."


"Currently, China is productively engaged with the international community
in some areas," Albright continues to argue in her WASHINGTON POST op-ed.
Why, "It helped gain approval of a treaty banning explosive nuclear
tests... It is actively engaged in discussions to enter the World Trade
Organization on commercially acceptable terms..."

Now serving Sizzling Szechwan Crispy Duck.

Filed by Matt Drudge
6/10/97 06:45 UTC
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