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**Investigation Exclusive**
**Must Credit DRUDGE REPORT**

WASHINGTON -- Monica Lewinsky may have posed for a VANITY FAIR picture last
weekend in Malibu, but the session will be of little interest to investigators.

Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office is in possession of at least 75
photographs that capture President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky together in
various settings!

"They are jaw-dropping," a source who has flipped through the pictures in
Starr's office tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "The amount of pictures they have
of the two together, or near each other, just takes your breath away...
Picture after picture, there's Monica looking at him with her doe eyes."

The majority of the pictures that Starr has obtained have come directly from
the White House itself under subpoena, it has been learned.

The White House refuses to publicly release photographs, letters and other
documents relating to the Monica Lewinsky mess.




**Investigation Exclusive**
**Must Credit DRUDGE REPORT**

WASHINGTON -- Monica Lewinsky watched her story unfold live on the Internet
last January from a computer here at the placid PARCEL PLUS store in the
Watergate complex. Days after she learned that she had become the center of
a new criminal probe by Kenneth Starr, Lewinsky turned to this package
delivery store for discreet communication with the outside world.

According to eyewitnesses, Monica Lewinsky phoned, e-mailed, paged, faxed
and surfed from this small one-room store in the Watergate Mall [just a
quick walk from her Watergate pad.]

Next to the SAFEWAY grocery, down the escalator from YVES SAINT LAURENT,
Lewinsky sat at the sole computer terminal near the window at PARCEL PLUS
that Monday morning and watched her world turn nightmare.

Revealed here for the first time are new details that investigators have
collected in their four month probe.

"It's all over the Internet!" Lewinsky told a mysterious woman during a
phone conversation she had from PARCEL PLUS on the Monday after reports
first began to appear in this space.

"You've got to find him, tell him, he knows," Monica warned.

[The story was Internet exclusive at this point, with the WASHINGTON POST
kicking in several days later.]

Just who Lewinsky was talking to is not clear -- an eyewitness to the
exchange has told investigators that the caller had the voice of a
"middle-age woman."

Lewinsky received the call just moments after she frantically used the phone
at PARCEL PLUS to page a number.

One scenario has Lewinsky trying to alert President Clinton, through the
mysterious woman, about the breaking online reports she was watching unfold
on the NETSCAPE browser on the store's computer.

Lewinsky also retrieved and sent e-mail there, according to case
intelligence. [Her hands moved a LOGITECH mouse.] She may have also sent
and/or received a FAX.

During her visit to the store that Monday, Lewinsky printed out something
she had received. In a scramble, Lewinsky mistakenly left behind a printed
page -- a page a store clerk says he read with his own eyes!

"It had Clinton's name all over it," the clerk has told a TV producer.

The clerk remembers a passage on the page that read: "The president knows
about [it]..."

The store employee did not keep the paper Lewinsky left behind or make any

"It did not belong to me... it belonged to her," he explained.

"It clearly looks like someone in the White House, or at least someone with
direct contact with Clinton, was giving her a heads up," a well-place source
familiar with Starr's probe tells the DRUDGE REPORT.

FBI agents working the Starr probe zeroed in on PARCEL PLUS in early
February, it has been learned.

Agents conducted interviews and spent hours with the store's computer.

"They were digging around in the computer's guts," a store source explains,
"below DOS."

STARR's team interviewed the store's owner and two other employees -- with
one employee taking a trip down to Starr's office for questioning.

Investigators have left nothing to chance: subpoenaing detailed information
from PARCEL PLUS' local Internet provider and digging up all of the store's
phone records via BELL ATLANTIC.



60 MINUTES executives are not giving in to a request from CBS President
Leslie Moonves to launch a second night of the veteran newsmagazine. "The
idea is officially dead," an insider reveals. Executive producer Don Hewitt
sees no upside to franchising the show. Moonves still would like the
magazine to have babies and fill holes, much like ABC's 20/20 and NBC's



Wednesday's NEW YORK TIMES goes with excerpts from Theodore Kaczynski's
secret journal which prosecutors filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in
Sacramento in support of sentencing.

"My projects for revenge on the technological society are expensive and I
need money to carry them out. For instance, last fall I attempted a bombing
and spent nearly three hundred bucks just for travel expenses,motel,
clothing for disguise, etc. aside from cost of materials for bomb. And then
the thing failed to explode. Damn. This was the firebomb found in U. of Utah
Business School outside door of room containing some computer stuff...

"May about 1982 I sent a bomb to a computer expert named Patrick Fischer.
His secretary opened it. One newspaper said she was in hospital? in good
condition? With arm and chest cuts. Other newspaper said bomb drove
fragments of wood into her flesh. But no indication that she was permanently
disabled. Frustrating that I cant seem to makeo lethal bomb. Used shotgun
powder in this last hoping it would do better than rifle powder x x x
Revenge attempts have been gobbling much time, impeding other work. But I
must succeed, must get revenge."

On his Scrutton Bomb

"Experiment 97. Dec. 11, 1985 I planted bomb disguised to look like scrap of
lumber behind Rentech Computer Store in Sacramento. According to San
Francisco Examiner, Dec. 20, the `operator' (owner? manager?) of the store
was killed, `blown to bits', on Dec. 12. Excellent. Humane way to eliminate
somebody. He probably never felt a thing. 25000 dollar reward offered.
Rather flattering."

Journal Entry, April 6, 1971

"My motive for doing what I am going to do is simply personal revenge. I do
not expect to accomplish anything by it. Of course, if my crime (and my
reasons for committing it) gets any public attention, it may help to
stimulate public interest in the technology question and thereby improve the
chances of stopping technology it is too late; but on the other hand most
people will probably be repelled by my crime, and the opponents of freedom
may use it as a weapon to support their arguments for control over human
behavior. I have no way of knowing whether my action will do more good than
harm. I certainly don't claim to be an altruist or to be acting for the
`good' (whatever that is) of the human race. I act merely from a desire for
revenge. Of course, I would like to get revenge on the whole scientific and
bureaucratic establishment, not to mention communists and others who
threaten freedom, but, that being impossible, I have to content myself with
just a little revenge. These days it is fashionable to ascribe
sick-sounding motivations (in many cases correctly, I admit) to persons who
commit antisocial acts. Perhaps some people will deny that I am motivated by
a hatred for what is happening to freedom. However, I think I know myself
pretty well and I think they are wrong."


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