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Statement from Governor Marc Racicot, Chairman, Bush-Cheney `04
Tue Feb 3 2004 12:31:55 ET

``Sen. Kerry is supporting a slanderous attack on the President by refusing to repudiate comments by DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe who on Sunday accused the President of being AWOL and said that his service in the National Guard did not qualify as service in the military or service to his country.

``President Bush served honorably in the National Guard. He was honorably discharged. To suggest, as Sen. Kerry has, that the military should 'answer questions' about President Bush`s honorable discharge is an outrage. The furtherance of these charges is despicable.

``Peter Jennings called the accusation by Michael Moore that the President was a deserter, 'a reckless charge, not supported by the facts,' and the Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania has said that the charges are unfounded.

``By embracing this line of attack, Sen. Kerry has made clear that he will accept and promote character assassination, innuendo and falsehood even when he doesn`t have all the facts. 'I don`t even know what the facts are,' Kerry said yesterday. A man seeking the presidency has an obligation to get the facts straight before he sends his surrogates out to slander the Commander in Chief.

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