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**World Exclusive**

In a shocking new videotaped confession viewed by the DRUDGE REPORT late Tuesday, an Arkansas woman claims that President Bill Clinton is the father of her 13-year old son.

He's been told all of his life by his mother that Bill Clinton is his father, and late last month, 13-year old Danny Williams of Arkansas underwent a DNA test to find out the truth.

The story of Bobbie Ann Williams and her child Danny hit world media and rocked the White House this week after it was revealed that STAR MAGAZINE and ace investigative reporter Richard Gooding have exclusively signed Williams and his family to a paternity showdown.

Test results could not be learned Tuesday night. Gooding and Star magazine editors offered few details on the status of the story, even to their closest associates.

"It is his," Ms. Williams tells PARAMOUNT's HARD COPY in a videotaped confession recently made by the syndicated TV show. With tears rolling down her face, Williams reveals intimate details about her relationship with Bill Clinton.

"He was good to me, he gave me money," she tells HARD COPY. "No, I'm not scared."

Also interviewed on the video is Williams' sister. She tells HARD COPY how she first doubted her sister's claims.

"I thought she was joking, you know, she was running around in the streets... But when the kid was born, he looked just liked Bill Clinton.

"We would go to grocery stores, people would say 'That's Bill Clinton's son!' because he looks just like him!" the woman declares.

"Now that he's older -- he even looks more like him...

"Bill Clinton needs to take responsibility for his son, pay child support, like everyone else."

HARD COPY executives have not decided if and when they will air the interviews, which were conducted in Arkansas.

It is not known how much HARD COPY paid, if anything, for the sessions.

Could Bobbie Ann Williams and her sister be blackmailing the President of the United States with outrageous and false claims of sex for money and the pregnancy that resulted?

What becomes immediately obvious to the viewer watching the videotaped confession is that this is clearly not gossip, rumor or anonymous charges being maliciously directed at a politician.

Bobbie Ann Williams does not hide her face in shadow when she names Bill Clinton as the father of her son.

And there is something sad and lonely about the woman's story the way she tells it.

To accuse the most powerful man in the world of being the father of her son is either the hoax of a lifetime, or a personal turmoil that needs resolution.

Only two people may know that answer tonight.


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